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About Me

My name is Trevor. I am a junior studying Computer Science and Engineering. My career goal is to be a software engineer in the energy sector, then move on to real estate investment. Most of my family is in the real estate market as a realtor or loan officer. So, the information passed on to me would make me very productive in that market.


Data Science

I took a statistics class my sophomore year of college, and I enjoyed it. I really liked the little exposure I had to it, and I plan on learning more about the field.

Software Engineering

During summer 2019, I had an internship at EDP Renewables. They are a renewable energy company specializing in wind farms. I was a part of the central maintenance team. Our main responsibility was keeping the wind turbines online. Apart of keeping the turbines online was making sure we had spare parts for our turbines. So, one of my projects was to develop a Random Inventory Auditor that would generate a report of spare parts to count. The purpose of this was to keep our stock as correct as Possible. Developing this Random Inventory Auditor was my largest coding project and my introduction into software engineering. I'm excited to take on more larger projects and learn what this field has to offer.

Slalom Skiing

I joined the TAMU ski team because I wanted to get better at skiing. Skiing has always been a part of my family. It something my mom and dad grew up doing, so naturally, they passed that passion on to me. However, my family only goes to the lake once a summer, so I have never got comfortable skiing. Now that I am on the ski team, I plan on giving my mom some competition for the best skier.