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I have two projects that I am proud to show off. The first is the Random Inventory Auditor which was created while at my internship at EDP Renewables. The second is a Checkers app that I worked on during my freetime at the end of Spring 2019 semester.

Random Inventory Auditor

I mentioned my Random Inventory Auditor a little bit in the about me page, but I will full explain it here. During summer 2019, I had an internship at EDP Renewables. They are an renewable energy company that specializes in wind farms. I was on the central maintenance team, and our responsibility was to keep the wind turbines online. Part of doing this is ordering parts to repair damage components, and keeping stock of components that break often. I was tasked with coming up with a better way to do our cycle counts. A cycle count is where we go in and count a sample of randomly selected components. My solution was the Random Inventory Auditor. The way this program would work is first you would select the wind farm location to run a cycle count on. Second, you'd specify the number of components you wanted to count. Third, you would choose an output location and click generate. This would produce a weighted randomized list of components to count. The weighted list would give a higher probability of being selected to components that costed more. This ensured the expensive components were counted while some inexpensive components as well. This program made EDPR's inventory data become more accurate. In turn, reducing wind turbine down time by having spare parts at the wind farm site.


I wanted to learn how to make an iOS game, and I thought checkers would be an easier start than chess. With this project, I was able to add about half of the checkers functionality. So, pieces could jump each other and the game would force you to take turns. However, I did not add kings or double jumps into the game. I learned about swift and code organization during this project.